Golf Swing Basics

Golf Swing Basics

There comes a time in every man’s life when he wants to enjoy the rewards of all the hard work that he did in his youth and this means learning some golf swing basics. For some, this time comes early in their life while, for others, it comes late. A lot of men and, sometimes, women in this situation feel a draw towards the relaxed sport of golf but have to face the ignominy of a poor golf swing. The reason why these people have to go through this is that their golf swing basics are not clear. Therefore, to help such people, the following are some golf swing tips based upon the 5 most crucial golf swing basics.

Golf Swing Basics – The Tips

1. The address:
The address is the set up for your every golf swing. It can be called the position from which you begin. If your starting point is not consistent and accurate then it is only logical that your shots will be poor. You should not rely on conscious thought to make your golf swing consistent. Instead, it is your muscle memory that you should put your money on.

2. The grip:
There are primarily three different types of grips when it comes to golf swing basics. These three are popularly known as the overlap, the interlock and the baseball. There is no good grip and using any of these is fine, as long as you pay close attention to every detail. Hence, you should go through the fundamentals of the golf grip repeatedly so as to keep everything in mind. One very common problem for many golfers is that they hold the golf club too tightly which is a strict no-no according to any golf swing basics guide. You should make sure that you do not make this mistake.

3. The takeway:
When practicing your backswing, you should ensure that you take it slow and steady because jerky backswings can ruin the whole shot even before it actually occurs. The reason why this is a part of golf swing basics is that jerky backswings break the rhythm of the body, which, in turn, results in the final shot being unstable. The key to a good backswing is the right orientation of your body in terms of the relation between different individual body parts. Furthermore, while at the apex, you should give it a pause before you actually start downwards for your downswing.

golf swing basics4. The downswing:
As any golf swing basics guide worth its salt would explain, the downswing is where you give your shot power. This does not mean that you should try to impart extra power with your shoulders, biceps or wrists. Instead, the power will come automatically due to the speed at which the head of your club is moving. In fact, if you try to flick your wrists, you will actually hamper this speed and ruin your shot. For a perfect golf swing, you should ensure that your wrists remain cocked, weight switched from your right foot to your left and that you are square on with the ball at the time of impact.

5. The follow through:
It is very common for many amateur golfers to ignore their golf swing basics and overlook their follow through. This is something that should be avoided at all costs, especially because a poor follow through is a habit that is very easy to obtain and extremely difficult to get rid of. Your follow through should ideally be smooth and stable like the rest of your golf swing. This is significant for your golf swing basics because you need to allow yourself to hit through the ball and let your body uncoil naturally and gradually. So, you should keep your eyes and head down for as long as possible and by the time you come up you should be clearly facing your target.

Golf Swing Basics and Conclusions

As you can see from the above mentioned golf swing basics, there is nothing more important in a golf swing than repetition and consistency. You should try to focus on each and every aspect of your golf swing basics individually and then do the same with all of them together. This will not only give your body a solid understanding of what muscles coil and uncoil in individual variables of a golf swing but also teach it to do it all together in harmony in one smooth motion. If you can take care of all these five aspects of your golf swing basics properly, then there is no reason why you cannot get a consistent and stable golf swing that will reduce your handicap drastically.

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