Golf Swing – Importance

Golf Swing Introduction

There are a lot of people throughout the world who try golf and then quickly let it go wondering how people can enjoy something so difficult. The reason for this is that golf is a game that is based upon muscle memory and repetitions. If you are finding that your golf swing ends up putting the ball somewhere very far away from your intended direction, then it is likely that you either do not have enough practice or do not have a consistent golf swing. Effectively, the reason why you may have found golf difficult is that you did not give yourself enough of a chance to develop a good golf swing.

If you are planning to go out and buy cheap manuals on getting the best golf swing in a few days, then you should think again because there is no such thing that works. Golfing is about golf swing drills and nothing else. If you want a good golf swing, all you need is an understanding of the four primary golf swing basics and a lot of subsequent practice. Here are the four basics of a golf swing and their relevant descriptions.

Introductory Golf Swing Tips

1. The grip: golf swing

The first thing you will need to get right with your golf swing is the grip. Your grip will have a major role to play in your lift back, the actual shot and the follow through. There are mainly three types of grips including the ‘overlap’ where the smallest finger of your right hand overlaps over the index finger of your left, the ‘interlock’ where the same two fingers intertwine instead of overlapping, and the baseball grip where there is no overlap or interlocking.

2. The posture:

One thing that you cannot compromise upon if you want a good golf swing is your posture. The postures of all professional golfers are the same because it needs to be. The ideal posture for a good golf swing involves parallel oriented feet with shoulder distance, slightly flexed knees, clean bend from the hip without slouching, a straight back and hands and arms positioned under your body.

3. The pivot:

Many professional golf trainers and players swear by the fact that the pivot is the most important part of a golf swing. The reason why most professionals say this is that this is the most difficult aspect of a golf swing. In fact, you cannot get the pivot right by conscious thinking. Instead, you have to develop it through repetition and practice. In different words, you cannot think the pivot to be right; you have to develop muscle memory for it.

4. The alignment:

Once you have the grip, the posture and the pivot figured out, you can start working on the alignment of the shot for that perfect golf swing. The alignment refers to the direction your body and club are aligned when you hit the shot. When you are looking at the ball, it is likely that you will lose sight of your end target. Hence, you have to choose something that is between the ball and the target and focus on it while aiming your shot.

Golf Swing Conclusions

Keep this advice in mind at your next golf game and you should definitely be on your way to improving your golf swing and beating your friends in your next game of golf!

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